What to bring and wear

T-shirts and jeans are absolutely fine. Smart casual is very welcome too. Most of the company teams will be in t-shirts and jeans or Hoxton hipster. The Old Truman Brewery tends to go temperature-mad (despite our best efforts), so please do consider the weather:

  • For summer, wear something breathable.
  • For winter, plan an outfit that’s warm but not bulky.

We can’t offer a cloakroom, so what you’re carrying when you walk in, you’ll be carrying all day, so please try to minimise the amount of personal belongings/valuables you bring with you. Hopefully this will also discourage those of you who read the words “multiple copies of your CV” and fetched a wheelbarrow.

Make sure you also know the email address that you registered with, for event registration.

You’ll undoubtedly have some exciting conversations over the weekend - and you’ll also be competing with hundreds of top candidates so make sure that you leave your favourite company with something to remember you by - in the form of a CV or business card.

Make sure you’re not in danger of running out of copies of your CV/business cards on the day, but don’t use that as an opportunity to start a leafleting campaign. You should only give your CV to a company if they ask for it. Some may explicitly want your CV, and will be happy with just your email address, or link to your online portfolio.

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